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About us

Vegamor Foods Social Business Private Limited is a for profit social enterprise striving to make a mark in Agri value chain. Vegamor Foods aims to provide better nutrition to the customers and better returns to Farmers by direct procurement from small and marginal farmers.

Vegamor Foods believes in an ICT enabled approach and creating a network of "Agripreneurs" to aggregate the small and marginal farmers assuring them of a market for their produce at better price. Our impact starts from farm by providing farmers with better input like seeds, fertilizers, micro nutrients etc. Vegamor Foods believes in sustainable farming which keeps farmer as well as the Mother Nature happy hence farmers are made aware about bio fertilizers, compost, organic farming practises etc. In India market where about 30% of the fruits and vegetables in the supply chain are lost due of lack of infrastructure, Urban market being far away from the Rural production center we intent to work on this problem through our professional approach.

Our model

Channel partners


  • Assured forward linkage for their produce hence a fair chance to live livelihood
  • Better input services which enhances their produce, end to end solutions related agriculture is now available through a single channel
  • Assistance in planning crops throughout the season
  • Better price compared to the market rate.


  • Acts as aggregators in the value chain who will work with small and marginal farmers
  • Act as farm input solutions provider and aggregator for procurement.
  • IT enable to manage their business and hence can generate a sustainable income.


  • Consumers form the last partner in the value chain we strive to bring quality product at competitive price to the consumers.
  • There are consumers from high end urban market as well as from low end are served with products according to their needs.
  • For the institutional and food processing players we ensure produce according to their specific needs and continuous supply in a timely manner.

Service provides

  • Increase in point of sales and sales of products
  • Increase their last mile coverage
  • Better penetration of new products

Leadership team

Board of directors

Krishna Mishra

Chairman & Co-Founder

Shilpa Sahu Kaushal

CEO & Co-founder

Sharmishtha Jagawat

Director, NMSWDF, Dahod, Gujarat

Daniel Ross

Principal of DAISA Enterprises, USA

Binoy Acharya

Director Unnati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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